Look at this cooling majesty! Imagine this smashing cool air into your sweaty face

Let’s be honest, the three days of summer we had last year were a fucking nightmare, weren’t they? Us pasty Brits aren’t designed to deal with the hot weather as well as some, and our houses? Like sitting in a fucking sauna.

If you’re a bit podgy like me anything above 30 degrees is a nightmare, and whilst we would love to sit in the beer garden all day every day, sometimes that isn’t always possible.

Sure, you’re hot now, but have you tried to get a fan or an air conditioning unit at the moment? Prices are through the roof and that’s when you can get one. Nightmare.

Stick this small but powerful bad boy on your desk and be the envy of your sweaty minging work colleagues

So we’re here to help.

Pop your email in the box below and a couple of times a year (basically in the run up to Black Friday and also in February) we’ll drop an email to tell you to buy a fucking aircon, or a fucking fan. Cannot wait? No problem, here’s a link to all the fans* (the USB fans* which I’ve had for a while are also pretty good) and aircons on Amazon*

As well as aircons, what else do you want to fucking buy?

We will only send you an email to buy a fucking aircon when it’s bloody freezing.

Legal Bollocks

Look, any link with a * next to it mean in the unlikely event you buy something from that link I get a small kickback. It’s tiny, lads, as Jeff Bezos loves his cash.

You can unsubscribe from the list at any time. I’ve bunged a link in the footer of the email and won’t make you jump through hoops like those bastard beer subscription boxes you have to ring up to cancel. And then they still send you some god awful take on stout that leaves you shitting tar for days.

So yeah, feel free to unsubscribe. Or not. I’m not your real dad.

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